Project Lesotho

Ongoing Project Lesotho

The work of MMMI though Kele, our youth worker in Lesotho is continuing now for 5 years.

Initiated by Jacob Jan Heemstra, Dutch nurse and missionary with MMMI until 2016 there, he is doing  a prevention program focused on young people. He visits schools on a regular basis, and shows films on HIV, and other  relevant programs for young people. He builds awareness of risks for ST diseases, and tries to influence this young generation. The area where he does this is Moteng, in the North of Lesotho, while he himself lives in Maseru, the capital. Doing outreaches in this captivating scenery are a great thing to do and so relevant. We are very proud of his consistency. Many people come and go in Lesotho, as it is not easy to live there, but Kele does a great job that needs ongoing support. 

MMMI got some recognition in Lesotho from the Health department for this work that is going on already for a long term. Please keep this project in your thoughts. Thanks for your support, especially on behalf of the endless effort of this young man. In 2020 MMMI  did give him education money from our Lesotho fund. He has chosen to become a social worker in Lesotho. A wonderfull development.  Thanks also to Jacob Jan who still is the contact person with him.

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