Get a car for India

New medical project in India


Name of the Project: Get a car for India.


MMMI supports the ministry of our young friends. This couple lives and works under the poorest cast in India. They travel around to the villages and do medical and social work. At this moment they use a motorcycle, Indian style, we find this rather dangerous.

MMMI wants to raise funds for a reliable vehicle, that not only is used for the traveling to the villages, but also to get  medical supplies in the city. This car must be able to also drive in the Hilly areas.  The costs there of is 6,500 Euro all in, the price of a car + insurance. We want to reach this fundraising goal before the end of 2020. You can donate, every gift counts, please  put a label on the gift: “car for India”

Here below we want to give you background on the vision they have. We did meet them online many times the last 3 months, saw films about how they work, we already did send  food support funds to them with success. Asked them to write a proposal and we agreed with the board that it was a very good project, with the same DNA that the teams from MMMI have had always. They send us regular reports on what they do.   


Location: Rural areas in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Why Medical Camps?

Comforting the people while their illness and sufferings with the help of medicine. Since 2006, We have been conducting Free medical camps at Hilly regions & Remote areas. Medical camp employs field missionaries to create better relationships with people. During Medical Camps, Life guidelines made for all people and instruct them save their life. Counsel them to come out of addiction of alcohol, smoking, gambling, tobacco chewing. Raise the awareness of diseases human body and environment. Help them to attend medical camps by vehicles.


The objective of conducting the health camps is to create awareness of general health among the people, provide general health care services and counseling them on basic healthcare and hygiene.


In rural areas often there is little knowledge of basic health information in India. Rural families suffer because of lack of doctors and no knowledge of hygienic practices/products. We started a campaign, to bring awareness to these people. We conduct free medical camps providing basic medical information and free personal hygiene kits and medical kits for families. In this way they are able to improve their quality of life.


We work to bring health awareness in the rural areas of India. These places often do not have a clinic or doctors to give medical advice and treatment. Most of these people do not know what help they can get from visiting a doctor. In these rural areas the lack of basic health information causes poor health and lower life expectancy/quality of life.


Your donations will help us to continue conducting Free Medical Camps in a safe way. We educate the people about basic first aid and how to contact emergency help when they have a need for it. In this way, they can improve their quality of life and extend the their life expectancy. If funds are available, we add to that the giving out of medical kits. We do simple medical work at nursery level. And sometimes transport sick people to the district hospital.

Long-term Impact.

This project will help many people to gain medical awareness. When you educate a person, you improve not just their life, but the lives of those around them and their future generations. The advocacy work involved in our project has the potential to increase the level of medical awareness by people in the rural.

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