About MMMI

The letters MMMI mean Medical Mission Ministries International. MMMI has been an ANBI registered foundation registered since 2000.  Exactly like the name says: all the projects that have been done by this foundation had these different aspects in them. Most of the time the Care aspect with teams visiting regions without doctors and serving communities was the emphasis, but the fact that this was done with partners like missionaries or local churches made clear that we wanted to do this in close relation to people that knew the community well and could continue with the programs, especially when villages were receptive to the gospel. The ministries are the ministries that are spoken of in the Bible, not only the diaconal but also prayer, teaching, training, empowering to leadership, to help the younger generation of leaders, the community and the church there existing grow.

Mission Statement

MMMI is a missionary organisation that works in the poorest parts of the world. It serves people that have little access to medical help and little or no access to the gospel message. We go to where there is limited infrastructure and we reach people through medical assistance, preaching, teaching seminars and the disemination of literature and video materials.

In 20 years MMMI was active in 4 continents and 12 nations. An average of 4 teams sent to each of them. Each time we came back the program became more extensive. Finally, this led to education projects, the sponsoring of especially medical students and small scale building of churches and health care facilities. Now after 20 years more of the traveling is done from the vision of leadership encouragement and training. In this the prophetic and intercession ministry has become more important. This changed many visits to lager scale conferences and seminars. Also this is in accordance with the original vision of the founders and the Bible as guideline of action.


Over the years, there has been a focus shift from the medical teams to leadership ministry. Central to our work now is our healing and prophetic ministries and leadership training. Our vision is not only to serve the Christian community, but to help professionals and students to find their call and empower them for leadership. 70% of life-fulfilling ministries and entrepeneurships are found in the marketplace worldwide and not in the churches. Our focus is therefore not confined to churches. MMMI’s voice has been heard in student organisations, business meetings and across various discussion platforms. Growing an awareness of the time we live in from a biblical perspective and enabling people to follow their particular calling is foundational to our work.

MMMI: The History

The MMMI foundation was founded in the year 2000. It brought together Christian medical professionals to oversees regions where little health service was provided. Initially going to Ambon and other places in Indonesia, it soon became a medical mission organisation that organised outreaches to South America, Asia and Africa. As with many organisations, things began simple. There are memories of improvising simple general practitioner work in South Bangladesh, on the streets of slums in Dehli, and in a tribal regions in the North in Mexico.

The Teams

The core of the teams were formed in the Netherlands, however, in the field people from other countries often worked with us. It is important to say that our teams have always worked under, or with the agreement of, local doctors and the local authorities. As teams like this travel usually to villages and slums, the local authority we met was often a tribal chief and his staff, or members of local government. Our outreaches have always involved the local district doctors and hospitals; we also used the medicine list (formularia) of the nation where were, and purchased medicine from local pharamacies with was dispensed for free. Usually we focused on the top 20 diseases with serious cases referred to the local hospital.

Drs Peter Reis. MD

Peter is born in 1952. Together with his sister Ria and Elsa been raised in a lovely family in Rotterdam. His father developed from being a carpenter to a university grade in building and architecture, teaching in a school for higher professional education (HTS) , his mother being active in sunday school ministry, especially also the setup and organizing of it.

Peter went through different brands of higher education, starting with civil engineering , ending up to be a physician in 1979 at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, after that specializing to be a general practitionar.

The career of this young doctor was very much inspired by his Christian faith. After 20 years of practise he and his wife Jeanette started traveling to countries to do volunterring medical work in relation to different church denominations. So for example in Sri Lanka, Brazil and some African countries they worked with the Methodists, in Bangladesh and Nepal anc middle Ghana with the Full Gospel churches. Again in Mozambiqye., Leostho and Namibia with independent churches. In Maylasia and England with the Anglican churches,

Doing medical work in these settings you cannot compare with the Dutch system. There is no computer, mostly no patient record, there are many tropical diseases, You treat many people with Malaria, or infections that in Western European countries are seldom seen.
The working working together with local doctors ofcourse was essential.
Also interesting that in some places you get a temporary license, and in other places, when you work very remote you only need the favour of the local tribal chief.

Sharing the gospel has always been an ingredient. Actually as he sees it , there is not so much difference with the normal health service in the Netherlands, also there is a certain group of patients that also need a pastoral assistance, usually given by hospiral pastors, but in those countries where the gospel is very new, people see the doctor also as one who speaks on these things, in private or in public.

Now in these years , and the year of the launching of the new website, we want to share something new. Being retired lately , but his passion to move on with this extra life of serving the poor still going on, new adventures , outreaches and projects are on the horizon.
The coming time we will present projects, and we will build out the work done all those years. Having paid for most of the former projects personally, now the working together of many with little donations can make a difference.

Maybe you want to become part of this ministry, and be involved, travel with us, use some of our expertise for your own service, learn form our conferences, teachings, or being coached personally. Many things are possible if organized wisely. So please let us know, of just simply share your e mail adress, so that we can send you updates.

God bless You

The Team

Peter Reis, Boardmember

Jeannette Langerak, Boardmember

Jolanda Reis-Dane, Boardmember

Dorothy Bertels, Boardmember

Mark Huizinga, Boardmember

Safeguarding certificates needed for our mission partners

MMMI wants to promote the safety of children and vulnerable people in all their mission contacts.
All the boardmembers finished the safeguarding awareness course of the Church of England.

We would gently ask all partners  that work with young people and vulnerable persons to finish such a course.
Similar Courses are also presented by UNICEF.

After finishing please send a copy of the Certificate to us through the regular media ( Whatsapp of Facebook Messenger)
This is the link to the course of the Church of England:

Safeguarding Training