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Medical Mission Ministries International

Drs. Peter Reis MD

Stichting Medical Mission Ministries International

MMMI is a missionary organisation that works in the poorest parts of the world. It serves people that have little access to medical help and little or no access to the gospel message. We go to where there is limited infrastructure and we reach people through medical assistance, preaching, teaching seminars and the disemination of literature and video materials.

E-books written by Peter Reis:


  • “Passing The Torch”
  • When your clock is reset forever
  • There is hope



We participate in relief projects during disasters; provide ad hoc medical workplaces; train young people for first aid in favelas in Brazil; and  fundraise projects for buildings.

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Prophecy & Healing

The prophetic ministry in the church is vitally important, as explained in Ephesians 4.

In MMMI, prayer ministry for the sick and disabled runs alongside medical service. In every mobile clinic, there has always been a space for prayer, a prayerpost where people could go after been seen by the doctor.

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Education has a special place in MMMI. In the past MMMI sponsored the  education of medical students and nurses and some of these sponsered individuals are mission partners with us now.


Reference Books

To keep learning is probably one of the best characteristics of healthy leadership.

In the MMMI team, though the Bible and common sense is basic, many books on mission and leadership are referred to constantly.

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For this Project we ask your special attention. In rural India a young couple, Vanya and Priscilla, friends of Peter Reis, have their fulltime ministry.
There ministry reaches out to the poor families, widows and homeless people. These are peoples from the lowest caste.
Vanya was a longterm minister with Youth With A Mission, after marrying Priscilla they moved to another village, raising in the mean time two children and going around a twenty or so villages to do childrens ministry, ladys ministry, and encouraging small local churches.

India is a wonderfull nation, and the people are wonderfull people. The are not only beatifull in sight but especially they are a people that have a hunger for spiritual help.
MMMI has chosen this couple to raise donations for, to be able for them to buy a small car that would able them to do the outreaches with less danger, as they are all done now on a motorcyle.
The roads in that hilly surrounding are challenging.
The goal for this project is to raise 6000 Euros before the end of 2021
If you donate for this project please label your gift with “Project India 2021”
God Bless you abundantly.

Our Projects

Wherever you go in mission areas, there is so much need and potentially an unlimited amount of projects. As part of our approach that recognises the limitations of what we can do, we aim not simply to solve problems but to enable and support local solutions.

A beautiful work can only be done together.

Many thanks for your support

Latest news

December 2022

December 2022

It is in 2022, when the Corona Pandemic was under control, that traveling to the different Countries that have an MMMI...

Safeguarding certificates needed for our mission partners

MMMI wants to promote the safety of children and vulnerable people in all their mission contacts.
All the boardmembers finished the safeguarding awareness course of the Church of England.

We would gently ask all partners  that work with young people and vulnerable persons to finish such a course.
Similar Courses are also presented by UNICEF.

After finishing please send a copy of the Certificate to us through the regular media ( Whatsapp of Facebook Messenger)
This is the link to the course of the Church of England:

Safeguarding Training

A beautiful work can only be done together

Many thanks for your support