Reference Books

Reference books , audio and video are a timeless way to communicate gold digged from many books and sown in as many local situations met during the itinerary ministry. We decided to captivate these precious moments for you.


E books are for free downloadable publications. The following articles and books are written and published by drs Peter Reis ( copyright) since 1986. Kindly use the material for your own benefit. If you want to use it in publication please ask for permission.


Reports give inside on the different phases MMMI goes through and how it finds its special, unique role in the international field of mission and ministry.

When MMMI plans a project, there will be reports on the financial balance and how far we are to reaching our goal.

Bibliography Peter Reis

The following books published since 1985 were written on the topics of healing, discipleship, mission and pastoral care. Not all are still available, the following list of e books that can be downloade of free are available

Audio & Video

Listen to the audio of seminar topics and sermons from Peter Reis.

They are recorded on Soundcloud.