Prophecy & Healing

The Prophetic

The prophetic ministry in the church is vitally important, as explained in Ephesians 4. It is important for individuals who hunger for a special word of wisdom or revelation, that can be given to them through personal meeting, longer coaching sessions, and during altar calls in meetings in churches. But even more so, it is important to listen to what God wants to say to ministries, society groups, professional groups, student groups and leaders. There is usually a lot at stake in society when God speaks. The team of MMMI has the view that the right and just word at the the right time to the right person of influence can change the course in a village, city or nation. It can influence the younger generation that still has to come.

Prophetic declarations, especially as we see how God works in the Old Testament, can mean breakthrough. The declaration of the prophetic word can clear a way, rendering change for the good. Since 2000, this spiritual ministry has run in conjunction with the medical professional help that MMMI provides, but was not at the forefront. However, we believe that now is the time to make this our focus.


In MMMI, prayer ministry for the sick and disabled runs alongside medical service. In every mobile clinic, there has always been a space for prayer, a prayerpost where people could go after been seen by the doctor. Many used this opportunity and many people found rest in Jesus. Healing prayer and miracles have been consistently witnessed on our medical outreaches. This is recorded as a promise in the Bible: The Holy Spirit works with signs and wonders to confirm the message of the Gospel, not only verbally, as we see it, but also in mercy works.

Lately this healing ministry, together with the prophetic ministry has come to the forefront usually in the word and prayer ministry of Dr Reis supported by a local team from the church or mission. In this website we plan to report more on these things, at least more than in the years before. What is hidden, must also come more to the open, to the glory of God.

Our healing and our prophetic ministry is not exclusively connected to conferences and meetings. MMMI teams have frequently visited hospitals and homes, and also connected with people through videocall.

Peter Reis has given many sermons about these subjects. To reach out to you he also records videos about Healing. You can watch several of those movies on this page. For more movies, you can visit his YouTube channel.