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Project India

For this Project we ask your special attention. In rural India a young couple, Vanya and Priscilla, friends of Peter Reis, have their fulltime ministry. There ministry reaches out to the poor families, widows and homeless people. These are peoples from the lowest caste. Vanya was a longterm minister with Youth With A Mission, after marrying Priscilla they moved to another village, raising in the mean time two children and going around twenty or so villages to do childrens ministry, ladys ministry, and encouraging small local churches.

India is a wonderful nation, and the people are wonderful people. They are not only beautiful to look at, but especially they are a people that have a hunger for spiritual help.

MMMI has chosen this couple to raise donations for, to be able for them to buy a small car that would able them to do the outreaches with less danger, as they are all done now on a motorcyle.
The roads in that hilly area where they work are challenging.

The goal for this project is to raise 6000 Euros before the end of 2021

If you donate for this project please label your gift with “Project India 2021” 

God Bless you abundantly.

Preisministries India
Preisministries Indonesia

Project Papua

In this project, MMMI works together with Mercy Indonesia, since more then 20 years our partner in Indonesia.

In Papua different teams of doctors and nurses from MMMI have been, with different times of mobile clinics and even building a Puskusmas in the village of Pugima in the Baliem Valley. This was done in 2000.

Also MMMI was involved in sponsoring medical studies.

In 2020 it was in our heart to again support the Papua people.

A project has been proposed by Mercy Indonesia to builid a new home for the children that they already take care of. These children are orphans. The total costs of this project is high, and we realize that MMMI should partner with different others to reach the goal of finishing the project.

For this project we especially look for sponsors with family bonds in Indonesia or Papua. Many of them live in the Netherlands.

If you send a donation, please label it with Project Papua 2020

Many thanks, and God bless you.

Project Nepal

In Nepal MMMI works with a community of churches in the hilly part of East Nepal, north of Biratnagar. To get there you either take a 14 hour drive in a busy traffic mountain road, or you take an airplane. The family we work with we know for ten years now. Always we stay in their house and many medical projects were done together.

After some years it was clear that it was also important to build some places that could be used as a church, as shelter place for the elderly and handicapped, and as place to do medical consultations.

And so we did. By now MMMI has sponsored the building of three churches and we are still involved in that. Besides the relief work in the corona time the plan is to go there again, and one day to help medical missionaires to settle there.

The project 2020/21 involves the finishing of the building that has already been done. And after that we want to get a budget for the plans to build a small clinic. MMMI usually is involved in getting the inventory, so i suppose that we will do now again.

For this project NEPAL 2020/21 if you want to help that would be fantastic, in that case please label your donation with this label.

Many thanks and God Bless you.

Preisministries India