The interesting thing about living basicly in quaraine, is that the daily agenda completely changes. Putting your travelers DNA on hold, canceling flights, and a shift towards anything that creatively can be done on line. Not only our own church connection was online, but ministry became an online business. In june a real healing service was done with the Womans Aglow group in Amsterdam. That was wonderful.

Someone, who visited me for coaching in my house in the countryside gave me the clue:  God realizes ther is more space now, instead of having all your duties, now you will find that new ministry comes on your way.

I will never forget the lesson that  I learned while in Namibia. During a conference  and being exhausted, I realized  very freshly the pricniple taht actuwllay the only real ministry God asks is the you give love to the one he puts in front of you.

I obviously had forgotten this lesson, but since a 2 years this has become reality And those that are put in fronf of me are indeed very different. Not at all all spiritual. The elder neigbour in Germany that needs a talk.  The one patient that seemingly got my new number and sends a suicide SMS to me. The list is long, in fact it does go on without me noticing.

And then again, sometimes, out of the blue a mission friend from the other side of the world contacts me, and we end up in prayer, how awesome.