How thankfull is it when people that you have known in their spiritual journey with Christ from the start on, more then 35 years ago, are brought back on your path in the last weeks of their life.

This happened to me recently when it was brought to my attention that one of my former patients was in a Hospice.

Whe we talk about long term relations it is more like having walked a long way together through all kinds of moments,  great and troublesom. Real life matters and that  contains a lot of human effort and suffering. It is not that te spiritual side of living with faith si on the front,  very often it is shallow and covered by the ceoncerns of the life situaton. But like we say in Holland in a saying: End Good All Good.  The question is, when in the end stage of life,  what does count and where is your heart going to.

I was so happy to sit and listen to him, and when at the end of our conversation it was possible to give him a blessing, like a father would do with his son, that was something words cannot express.

These are the heart encounters that makes life and serving as a health professional, even after retirement, very meaningfull.

Simple words shared, can come back after many years and create thes kind of encounters.

Ecclesiastics 11: 6  Throw your bread on the water,as you will find it again after many days.