MMMI Training for ministry

Since 2000 MMMI has organized  a mission training school for medical teams. As the focus has been changed, this training is no longer available. Through speaker engagement a training is done in relation with other parties.

One of those was the National Woman Aglow conference in October 2019 in Breda

St Johns and St Philips, the Anglican Chrich in teh Hague,  have hosted saturday trainings on “how to pray fo the sick”

In conection with mission partners in Indonesia and Malaysia training would have been done on Churchplanring.


In connection with house churches training is done and still can be done about learning to be active in the Prophetic. This last school was done in the North East of the Netherlands, but also in some aspects in England. It is believed that the best prospect is to recieve a training that is embedded in a church program.

Plan is to make concised training modules part of the itinerary ministry, which ofcourse can also be done in teams.

To inquire more on this connect to or through post via the German MMMI office: Herman Gronigerstrasse 6, 49733 Haren Deutschland