The Following Seminars were done in international setting by drs Peter Reis and others from the MMMI team

The professional and his calling

Developing the Prophetic Ministry in the Market Place

The 21  Laws of Leadership from the John Maxwell Team participation

Today Matters, on this book from the John Maxwell Team Participation     

How to do a Mobile Clinic

Training for mission teams for MMMI

Healing of the Soul


and several others.


A Seminar is usually done in a weekend. It contains usually 3 sessions. It is interactive, with use of Powerpoint presentations. Depending on the amount of people several small groups function. it is almost always in collaboration with a hosting organisation. Request to come and present a seminar can be send by e mail.


Conferences are basicly the organization pattern for the prophetic ministry and the healing ministry on a larger scale.


The leadership  coaching is a side activity within  MMMI is done by Peter Reis.


Since 2000 MMMI has organized  a mission training school for medical teams.