Project Papua Wamena

New Long Term Project in Papua

Name of the Project: Childrens Home Papua Wamena

MMMI has decided to raise funds for the building of a children’s home for Wamena, Papua.

There is a group of abandoned children and orphans, and our partner organization Mercy Indonesia has  initiated a new project. MMMI has been in that area many times for medical work and has good relation with Mercy Indonesia, already signing a Memorandum of Understanding in 2000.


We hope in a mutual effort to raise funds for the high building costs in this very remote place that can only be reached by airplane and not by car.

At the moment there is already  a very basic project going on, the ground is there, there needs to come a better building, with cement floor. If we look at the design, it looks modern, but at the same time is completely adapted to the original culture with the honeys (round huts)

Mercy Indonesia has built ten projects like this in Indonesia already,  with the help mainly from churches that adopted some of these.

If You feel you want to support, please give under label: Children project Papua

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