E-book “There is Hope”

This booklet is written especially for the sick, for those who suffer physically as well for the one who are tormented by depression, fear, and anxiety. I started writing out of a desire to be of assistance and encouragement to more people in their need for inner peace and physical healing than I happen to encounter as a result of my practice as a doctor and Christian. Besides,

I experience it as a commission to write this down for you. It is my hope that the reader receives out of it what I, respectfully, and with sympathy for his personal physical or spiritual need, put into it. It is intended for everybody regardless of one’s convictions, although it was written out of my own Christian viewpoint, something I can and will not deny.

To those people who are inclined to throw this book in a wastepaper basket because it is Christian – I would suggest strongly not to do it. But if proven valuable to a few only, I believe these writings are serving their purpose.


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